Thursday, June 11, 2009

See us grow

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Request: Touch not the plumbing and ventiliation systems

Another note from Karen:

Hola greenhousers,

Thanks for a good kick-off to the season. It's awesome having so many people around getting excited about growing things. And I think we have a record number of gardeners this year!

Some housekeeping notes:

1. We have a leaky valve on the pump, and as such shut it down for the day until the plumber returns to fix it. I filled up a few jugs of water and the watering cans and left them in the greenhouse. If that runs out, come get me at NRI with the empties. Water should be online again shortly and I will let you know.

2. Someone was in the greenhouse after I left last night at 10 p.m. and before I returned at 8 a.m. and unplugged the heating mats in the mini-greenhouse. I plug these in at night because we still have some seeds germinating, and the temperature sometimes reaches zero. I've done so for the past three weeks with absolutely no problems. I know the person thought they were being helpful, as they coiled them on the wall.

However, DO NOT CHANGE ANY ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING OR VENTILATION SYSTEMS WITHOUT CLEARING IT WITH OPERATIONS. My number and Rob's number remain clearly marked by the door if there's a problem.


Monday, June 1, 2009

First-Day-of-Planting Party on June 3, 2009

Karen sends another party notice: "I know you're all eager to get in and start planting. We'll be all set with the water next Wednesday June 3, so...


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

starting at 7 p.m.

at the Iqaluit Greenhouse

Lots of people around to answer questions, seeds to plant and juice boxes to be had.

This work is done on all the plots to ensure a proper growing medium, and the more hands the better."

Hello, again, from Karen
Planting starts tonight at 7 p.m. Yay!

If you can't be here tonight, get the code from your plotmatesand you can all come and go as you please. (Just remember to lock the door behind you.)

Gary DeCasmaker from Eternal Seeds (an awesome Ontario greenhouse company which produces heirloom and organic seeds) will be around to kindly answer questions and give us advice on growing wonderful food.

I have listed the plot teams below. Unless you specified team mates, you were placed randomly on a team. Please let me know if you need contact information for your team mates or if one of your team mates has dropped out. Or if I am missing your name!

Also please note there may be some jostling of members around - we are at near total capacity right now, so if you are in a team of three you may have a fourth added tonight.

The list is based on all membership forms and/or expressions of interest in the last two days. The draw for plots was totally random, done by vice-chair Eric Corneau and I this morning. We are doing are best to ensure everything is fair and equitable, and that there is room for everyone who is interested.

Also wanted to thank everyone for helping out with the plant swap on Saturday. Treasurer Darlene Thomspson reports the swap raised over $200 for the greenhouse!

Alright, see everyone tonight.


PLOT ONE - Leah Fusco, Nick Burnaby, Mesut Simsek, Janna MacLachlan

PLOT 2 - Chris Scullion, Kimmie Hubbard, Lindsay Hudson

PLOT 3 - Karen Mackenzie, Rob Long, Michael Walsh, Stephanie McDonald

PLOT 4 - John Thompson, Darlene Thompson, John (?)

PLOT 5 - Barry McLaren, Sara Holzman, Dawn McArthur

PLOT 6 - John Robertson, Lise Robertson, Neville Crabbe, Natasha Stephen

PLOT 7 - Joelle Lavallee, David Rochette, Angelique Dignard

PLOT 8 - Willie Hyndman, Emily Woods, Elizabeth Debicka

PLOT 9 - Laura Allardyce, Arielle Stockdale, Gwen Healey, Joel Fortier

PLOT 10 - Janice Seto, Monika Templin, Michael Chappell, Nicolas Raymond

PLOT 11 - Adult Group Home – Carolyn Sloan

PLOT 12 - Kate Darling, Dave Knight, Bruce Uviluq, Sherri Young

PLOT 13 - Peter Workman, Pat Lynch, Iris Deschamps

PLOT 14 - Matty McNair, Janet Armstrong, Sarah Tugak

PLOT 15 - Erin Gordey, Olivia Brown, Andy Nichols

PLOT 16 - Charlotte Sharkey, Jamal Shirley, Susan Hardy

PLOT 17 - Akausisarvik Mental Health Facility

PLOT 18 - L’association des francophones du Nunavut(Eric, Maude, Caroline, et al)

Non-Allergenic Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

Friday May 29, 2009 - Staff, Toronto

They're in your home, probably under your counter and you use them at least once a week. They're the ubiquitous cleaning materials you buy to keep your house spotless. But while they're cleaning up your mess are they also aggravating your allergies?

Some of the products contain chemicals which can leave those sensitive to their contents sniffling, sneezing, and crying from irritated eyes. But there's hope for people with that problem - and they likely don't have to go much farther than those same cupboards to find relief.
There are a host of natural and non-allergenic materials you can use to accomplish the same thing - and most of them will cost you a fraction of the store bought items.

Among them:
Sink Cleaner and Disinfectant (click on link to get the full story)

Plant Swap & Sale, Sat May 30, 2009

Annual Plant Swap & Sale on Saturday, May 30, at the Nunavut Arctic College - main college building above the Nunavut Court of Justice - from 10 a.m. to noon.